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EO Surgical

eO Sim Pro

Key users: Surgeons at all levels who want to master laparoscopy.

·         4x Practice models: Pegboard, Precision Cutting, Laparoscopic Suturing, Appendix / Gyne model.

·         6x laparoscopic instruments: 2x Needle Holders (L & R), Ratcheted grasper, Non-ratcheted grasper, Scissors, Knot-Pusher for loop ligatures.

·         3 x reusable suture pads.

·         NEW: now works with tablets and smartphones. Even quicker and easier to get practicing.

·         20x Foam strips for loop ligature placement practice.

·         100m of thread for loop ligatures.

·         High Definition 720p USB plug-and-play scope built-in.

·         24x sutures (ski or curved).

·         Custom software allowing full-screen viewing, recording and uploading of videos (Mac & PC).

·         On-line instructional videos demonstrating techniques and tricks (click here).

·         All self-contained in a robust and easy to carry case weighing < 3kg.